Founded in 1999 as CamHerp Project, Cameroon Herpetology - Conservation Biology Foundation (CAMHERP-CBF), Our research focus on Amphibians and Reptiles in Cameroon. The organization compiles regional and local amphibians and reptile inventories for NGO’s, companies and development agencies. Through these activities, it Strengthen knowledge of herpetofauna of Cameroon while building capacity of Young graduate students at Cameroon Universities. In collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry and wildlife (MINFOF) the organization surveys and update checklist on amphibians and reptiles and also assess conservation measures on threatened species based on research findings. The organization also works to: 

  • Conserve habitats and sites containing threatened species while assessing their status for the IUCN red listing
  • Monitor amphibian and Reptiles populations distribution especially threatened species while enhancing habitat quality where altered

  • Taxonomy and systematic

  • Carry out outreach campaigns and  education programs
  • Sensitize local communities on trade related issues
  • Assess the impact of climate change and infectious disease on population dynamics
  • Research anthropogenic activities that structure herpetofauna communities
  • Document Community ecology, and Biology of vertebrates 

  • Environmental impact assessment studies

  • Interested in doing fieldwork and research in Cameroon? CAMHERP-CBF also help you in obtaining Research permits.