Nono LeGrand GONWOUO, PhD. CEO
As a conservation biologist from the University of Yaounde I, Dr Gonwouo leads the organization’s efforts to research and document data on herpetofauna in Cameroon. He has extensive field work on amphibians and reptiles in tropical West and Central African sub regions. His recent research interest focuses on the responses of biodiversity to environmental change with particular interest in the distributions and dynamics of endemic species near their geographic range margins. He works with Government authorities, local partners, to empower them to protect critical habitats for threatend species. He as well build graduate students capacity in research and conservation biology. Email: /

Joseph NDIFFO, MSc, DEA Applied Zoology. Technical Assistant
Joseph Le Doux Diffo is a holder of two Masters degrees in Non-Human Primate parasites (2000) and Pure and Applied Zoology (2002) from the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. He worked with Cameroon Herpetology project (2001-2004) where he played an important role for the publication of the Atlas of Reptiles of Cameroon. While continuing serving at CAMHERP, he worked as volunteer at Johns Hopkins Cameroon (Jan-Oct 2005) and then Ecology Research Assistants from November 2005. Since this date, working on reptiles and amphibians and other wildlife ecology has been his hobby. He has facilitated collaboration between key government ministries and Global Viral Cameroon and has contributed largely in the coordination of field activities including samples collection, community mobilization and education. He has coauthored over 15 scientific papers related to health and environmental conservation. He is presently leading PREDICT in-country field team at Metabiota Cameroon and provides technical assistance to RoC PREDICT team and CAMHERP-CBF team.

Walter Paulin TAPONDJOU, Msc in Zoology, Herpetologist
Walter has a master degree in Zoology from the University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon. His main area of research is the ecology of chameleons and the impact of anthropogenic activities on their distribution within the Cameroon volcanic line. Interest has as well included feeding ecology and perch height of chameleons on selected mountain peaks. Email:

Arnaud TCHASSEM, PhD candidate in Zoology
Tchassem is a second year PhD candidate at the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon . His research focuses on studying the Community ecology and conservation of African amphibians specifically aiming to understand how altitude and anthropogenic activities influence amphibian community composition. Tchassem’s research interest in animal biology and ecology is to develop strategies that would lead to the reduction of threats to vulnerable species and ecosystems. Email:

Marina KAMENI, PhD candidate in Zoology
Marina is enrolled as a PhD student from the University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon. She has a master in Biodiversity and conservation from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. For her PhD, she study the diversity and distribution of endemic skinks along the Cameroon highlands with focus on: (Lacertaspis, Leptosiaphos and Trachylepis). Her main goal is to update present status of this less studied group to help develop sound conservation measures nationally and internationally. Email:

Kaitlin Allen, PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Katie is currently a PhD student at the University of Kansas, USA. She was introduced to Central African herpetology through her master’s research on the diversification of Cameroonian skinks in the genus Trachylepis. She will continue doing research in Cameroon for her PhD work on how geographic features and paleo-climatic processes combine to drive reptile speciation within the Congo Basin and surrounding mountain ranges.

Ursla Benedite KOUMBO, MSc in Applied Ecology and Wildlife Management
Koumbo Ursla, is a Master student in Applied Ecology and Wildlife Management in the University of Dschang, Cameroon. Her research focus on: “local knowledge and some aspect of the ecology of the goliath frog in the Moungo division Cameroon )”. She is presently looking forward to defend her thesis in the months ahead. Just of recent, she took part at the Tropical Biology Association (TBA) training in Kirindy, Madagascar an current planning a research work on “ the Conservation status of Sea Turtles in the peripheries of Campo’o Man National Park, South Cameroon. E-mail:

Jean Jaures AVAH, Researcher and PhD Student
Avah is aa PhD candidate in zoology at the University of yaounde I. Avah has a background in medical entomology and is working on the reproduction of endemic chameleon from the volcanic line.

Jean Michel TAKUO, Associate Conservation Scientists
Jean Michel TAKUO is a field ecologist (ornithologist) with 15 years experience with terrestrial wildlife inventories, threatened species research, and conservation management planning in Central Africa. He is founders and deputy president of ERD (Environment Research Development) that have, as overall objective to conduct research in the environmental field, to consolidate the results and promote sustainable development.

Binueh Takwi, Accounting and Finances
Takwi Binueh has a professional Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Dschang. She has more than 6 years’ experience in the field of accounting, finance and management, working as accountant for business companies in Douala and Limbe. Binueh now works as the Administrator Accountant of CAMHERP-CBF on the project of upgrading Mt Manengouba as an: “Integral Ecological Reserve”. She is interested in enhancing her present capacity by seeking new challenges in the field of accounting. Email:

NGOE FAI ESANGE, Project officer
Fai holds a diploma of a Senior Forestry Technician (TSEF) from the National Forestry School Mbalmayo, Cameroon. Previous works focused mostly on the conservation of biological diversity, wildlife management, forest management, forest inventory and forest exploitation as well as the assessment of environmental impact on forest exploitation. He works with the Cameroon Herpetology-Conservation Biology Foundation (CAMHERP-CBF) on the project of upgrading Mt Manengouba as an: “Integral Ecological Reserve” Email: